Synesthesia in Virtual Reality

Visualization of sounds from an acoustic source in the room

The goal of this project is to explore the possibilities and advantages of inducing synesthetic experiences in Virtual Reality. So far we have done preliminary research and achieved a proof-of-concept implementation of the technological means. The contribution is described in a scientific paper submitted to the 15th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference. More details will follow as the project develops.

Involved personnel: Aleksei Tepljakov, Eduard Petlenkov, Kristina Vassiljeva, Dirk Draheim, Sergei Astapov, Ahmet Kose.

Related publications

A. Tepljakov, S. Astapov, E. Petlenkov, K. Vassiljeva, and D. Draheim, Sound Localization and Processing for Inducing Synesthetic Experiences in Virtual Reality,” in Proc. 15th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference, 2016, Laulasmaa, Estonia, pp. 159–162. Talk slides.