With a background in Computer Science, 3D Graphics, Systems Theory, Modeling, Control Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Electronics Engineering, our team is ready to tackle new challenges in the field of Virtual Reality.

Aleksei Tepljakov, Ph.D.

Founder and Head of Laboratory
Expert in Dynamic System Modeling

aleksei.tepljakov at

Eduard Petlenkov, Ph.D.

Founder and Administrator
Expert in Artificial Intelligence Methods

eduard.petlenkov at

Kristina Vassiljeva, Ph.D.

Expert in Genetic Algorithms

kristina.vassiljeva at

Ahmet Kose

Ph.D. Candidate
Specializes in Artificial Intelligence based Modeling

ahmet.kose at

Mihkel Abel

M.Sc. Student
Specializes in 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Level Engineering

Georg Haud

B.Sc. Student
Specializes in Level and Game Engineering

Merli Lall

Specializes in Level Logic Design and Programming

Vladimir Kuts

Collaborator, Ph.D. Candidate at IVAR Lab
Expert in Mechanics

Dirk Draheim, Ph.D.

Expert in Large Scale IT Systems

Peeter Nieler

Virtual Reality Expert

Sergei Astapov, Ph.D.

Past collaborator
Expert in Acoustic Localization and Interacting Systems

Andrei Maalberg

Past collaborator, Ph.D. Candidate
Specializes in Software Development

Eduard Tiganik

Past collaborator
Specializes in Mechatronics

Martin Luik

Past collaborator
Specializes in 3D Environment Design

Mihhail Kononov

Past collaborator
Specializes in 3D Environment Modeling

Anastassia Jakovleva

Past collaborator
Specializes in 3D Environment Modeling

Aleks Lapin

Past collaborator
Expert in 3D Modeling