Brief History

The origins of the laboratory can be traced back to the initial interest towards Virtual and Augmented Reality applications shared between members of Alpha Control Laboratory. By the end of 2014, several Oculus Rift DK2 devices were acquired by the laboratory. A number of interested students quickly joined the VR explorations.

Fast forward to December 2015: the Alpha Control Laboratory stand is present at the ROBOTEX technology exhibition showing some of the developed applications. The provided demos are met with great interest from the public, and long queues form to try the Space Adventure demo developed by Martin Luik, and the video-to-VR with head tracking demo based upon the framework of Andrei Maalberg.

Alpha Control Lab exhibition at Robotex’2015

Following the success of the exhibition, Alpha Control Lab team set to establish a separate laboratory focused on research and development of VR applications. The MEKTORY Center appeared to be the best option for hosting the new laboratory. With financial support from HITSA, Re:creation was formed in the beginning of 2016.