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Aleksei Tepljakov

What is Virtual Reality?

    A three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person.

About Us

  • We are committed to research and development of Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.
  • As a scientific establishment, our main goal is to do research of Virtual Reality, its physiological and psychological aspects, applications, and its impact on products and services providing immersive experiences.
  • The laboratory has grown out of Alpha Intelligent Control Systems Research Laboratory, the members of which have diverse academic backgrounds and experience, including, but not limited to...

Our Goals

  • Having diverse backgrounds and experience, our team is ready to tackle the challenges put forth by the emerging field of VR and AR applications.
  • As we have deep roots in the academia, we also aim to develop and enhance existing Information Technology university study programs.
  • We also want to allow involved students, university personnel, as well as laboratory visitors to experience Virtual Reality and to encourage and improve their creative skills.
  • We envision that this will lead to development of synergy between different research and development groups and will enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and improve promotion of emerging technologies.

Business relations

  • We highly value relations with business establishments. We expect that existing companies will find VR a very attractive tool for developing cutting-edge real-life business applications.
  • What we offer is consulting services and assistance with fulfilling your business needs by means of this novel technology. We also offer academic collaboration, in case your current VR or AR related projects demand it.


Aleksei Tepljakov, Ph.D.
Expert in Dynamic System Modeling
Eduard Petlenkov, Ph.D.
Expert in Artificial Intelligence Methods
Kristina Vassiljeva, Ph.D.
Expert in Genetic Programming

Q: What is the ultimate Virtual Reality experience like?

A: It is like a lucid dream

Current R&D Projects

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